Everyone attending Arisia'23 will have to be masked and fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including the bivalent booster, by January 3rd. For details, see the COVID statement page.

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Blood Drive

The blood drive returned for Arisia 2023.  Thanks to all of the generous people, Arisia attendees donated 53 units of blood.

When you donate, feel free to mention Arisia, The Heinlein Society, and our usual Blood Drive coordinator, John Hodges.

Counting from our first blood drive at Arisia '04 through Arisia '21, we donated 1631 units of blood to Children's Hospital of Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital. Both are delighted by your generosity!

Note that both Children's and MGH donor screening protocols are consistent with the December 2015 FDA update to deferral status for men who've had sex with other men. No longer a lifetime deferral, both institutions must still require a donor to defer donating for one year since their last such sexual encounter.

Why a blood drive?

The Heinlein Society exists to preserve the legacy renowned writer Robert A. Heinlein left us in novels, essays, speeches, and short stories. We "pay it forward," Heinlein's oft-expressed phrase, since we can never pay back the riches he shared with us. If you've ever considered donating blood, please take this opportunity. If you've ever enjoyed the Grand Master's work, thank him by paying it forward in a way he would have deeply appreciated. Mr. Heinlein traveled extensively to promote this important cause and frequently donated blood himself.

Not a donor? No problem!

Volunteer to help the donors have an enjoyable experience! Give a smile, a word of thanks, or hold the other hand for a new donor. Email @email.

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Massachusetts General Laws allow 16 year old donors to donate blood with parental permission.

Previous donations

  • Arisia '21: during the virtual convention 7 people donated blood
  • Arisia '20 donated a total of 100 units.
    Friday: Children's received a total of 63 units.
    Saturday: MGH received a total of 37 units.
  • Arisia '19
    Friday: Children's had 38 donors who gave a total of 32 units.
    Saturday: MGH had 64 donors who gave a total of 52 units.
  • Arisia '18
    Friday: Children's had 61 donors who gave a total of 52 units.
    Saturday: MGH had 81 donors who gave a total of 66 units.
  • Arisia '17
    Friday: Children's had 58 donors who gave a total of 48 units.
    Saturday: MGH had 70 donors who gave a total of 61 units.
  • Arisia '16, 146 presenting, 36 deferred, 110 units collected
    Friday: Children's had 64 present to donate, deferred 19, and were delighted to have 45 successful.
    Saturday: MGH says 82 people presented, 17 were temporarily deferred, so a total of 65 people actually donated blood to them.
  • At Arisia '15: 126 presenting, 110 units collected.
  • At Arisia '14 145 presenting, 116 units collected.
  • At Arisia '13: Total for the weekend - 113 units. Pretty good for being in the middle of a flu epidemic.
    Saturday 71 presenting - 63 units collected.
    Sunday 75 presenting - 50 units collected.
  • At Arisia '12, you donated 120 pints.
  • At Arisia '11, you donated 124 pints.
  • At Arisia '10, 101 pints were collected.
  • At Arisia '09, 138 people showed up and 103 pints were collected.
  • At Arisia '08, 68 people showed up and 60 pints were collected.
  • At Arisia '07, 67 people showed up and 57 pints were collected.
  • At Arisia '06, 48 advance appointments became 65 people presenting to donate and 61 actually donating.
  • At Arisia '05, (during the Blizzard of ’05) fans donated 48 pints of blood.
  • At Arisia '04, fans donated 37 units, a wonderful surprise for a first time venue!