Everyone attending Arisia'23 will have to be masked and fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including the bivalent booster, by January 3rd. For details, see the COVID statement page.

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Publications Produced by Arisia

This page has links to Arisia's publications for Arisia 2023.

Please note: Content on this page is updated as it becomes available. If you have any questions about publications please email @email.

You are welcome to print your own copies of any publication for personal use through the PDF and HTMLs links below. All publications are copyright Arisia, Inc. and may not be sold or redistributed without written permission. Material (text and artwork) appearing in the publications may be copyright by individual contributors and is used by permission.

If you need publications in large print or Braille format please contact @email or stop by the Info Desk and ask to borrow the resident copies of accessible publications there.


Quick Links


Newsletter - Clear Ether

Clear Ether, Arisia's At-Con Newsletter, will be available online and uploaded once a day to this page. A few print copies will be dropped off at the Info Desk in the Lobby.

If you would like to submit something for publication, send it to

Clear Ether - Newsletters for Arisia 2023

Souvenir Book

Arisia's Souvenir Book is our premier memory publication for each year's convention. It contains participant bios, as well as features on each of our Guests of Honor and a representation of the Artist GOH's work. The PDF of the Arisia 2023 Souvenir book is now available.



The Pocket Program provides the complete convention schedule, including descriptions of the items and a reference by name of participant.

Pocket Program

(Updated 1/09/2022)

  • PDF - Use this if you'd like to staple it in the corner and flip through the pages, your printer doesn't print double-sided, or you want to be selective about which pages you print.
  • Booklet PDF - Use this if you have a printer that can print double-sided, and you want to fold the Pocket Program into a 4.25" wide booklet and staple it in the middle like a book. (The pages will be in a weird order to support printing/folding like this.)


HTML Schedule and Grids

Drafts - These will be periodically updated

  • (Generated: Fri Jan 13 10:45 AM 2023)


  • Map of Arisia's areas at the Westin (PDF MAP)
  • Grid Sheets (PDF)

    (Generated: Fri Dec 30 07:52 2022)

    The grid sheets provide a compact view of the schedule in a room-by-time format. Each link leads to a PDF.

    Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
    Morning/Afternoon Morning/Afternoon Morning/Afternoon Morning/Afternoon
    Evening Evening Evening  
      Late Night Late Night   Con is over,
      go home


    Mobile Version of the Schedule

    We have ConClár for viewing the schedule online.  It was inspired by the perennial favorite KonOpas, so the usage is very similar.


    ConClár uses your web browser to display its information, so it should work with all types of computers and smartphones. It stores information locally so you only need an Internet connection to get updates. ConClár can be found at

    In ConClár, you can click on the box next to session titles and they'll appear under the "My Schedule" tab that allows you to create a personal schedule. At the bottom of the My Schedule tab, there is a QR code and a link that you can use to share with your other devices.  Like other ConClár functionality, this personal schedule is saved and available even when you are offline.

    At the hotel, there is free WiFi in lobby and guest rooms. You can use this WiFi to get an update from ConClár and then disconnect from the network as you enjoy the convention. This makes the system have no cost to you.

    ConClár is a freely available, open source application written by James Shields and others on GitHub.


    Quick Reference

    The Quick Reference (updated 12/23/2022) is a compact way to find key locations and hours things within the convention.


    Progress Reports

    To subscribe to the Progress Reports fill out the box at the bottom of this page.

    Progress Reports can also be found on the News Desk page.

    Progress Reports for Arisia 2023

    Restaurant Guide

    If you're looking for the Restaurant Guide, see our Dining pages for more info on finding food at the hotel and nearby.