Everyone attending Arisia'23 will have to be masked and fully vaccinated for COVID-19. For details, see the COVID statement page.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations are now open!

Booking Details

Rates for 2023 will be:

  • 1 King Bed - $192/night
  • 2 Double Beds - $210/night
  • Suites - $350/night (allocated by the Party Czar -- see "Hotel Suites" below)

  The convention is Friday, January 13 to Monday, January 16, 2023.  You may reserve a room starting up to three days earlier or stay up to three days later at the convention rate.

Reservation Links
Westin Active Block (also for Family Block) Click here to reserve your room and then select "Active Block" on the new page. Please fill out a special request for family floor after you have made your reservation.
Westin Standard Block Click here to reserve your room and then select "Standard Block" on the new page.
Special Request Form Open


The fine print:

  • All hotel rates are per night and do not include the 16.45% taxes and fees.
  • All rates are for all occupancy levels, but no more than four (4) people may stay in a room.
  • Rooms include free in-room wireless Internet.
  • The only way to reserve a room is through this web page.
  • Contact @email to cancel your reservation.  All rooms at The Westin must be canceled 72 hours prior to check in to avoid incurring a penalty.

Changes and Requests

If you need anything other than just a normal room with no additional amenities, fill out the Special Request form after making your room reservation. This is how you request a handicapped accessible room as well, or for a one-night non-Saturday reservation at the Westin.

Once your reservation is made, you can make changes and additions by following the steps on our Special Requests page. For any special requests, including rollaway beds, accessibility, location, change of room type or nights, etc. please fill out the Special Requests Form on that page.

If you want a room on the Kid/Family floor, please reserve a room in the active room block this year, and then fill out the form.

Hotel Suites

A limited number of suites are available by request only for parties, families, and others.  If you want a hotel suite and/or are planning on hosting a party read the party hosting guide and then fill out the Party Host & Suite Request Form linked off of that page after making your room reservation. The last day to request a suite is Dec 12. This is later than in past years because we are both opening reservations late and do not anticipate filling all the suites.

Priority for suites is given to parties, and requests are evaluated by the Hotel Liaison team. You must make a room reservation before filling out the Party Host and Suite Request Form,