Everyone attending Arisia'23 will have to be masked and fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including the bivalent booster, by January 3rd. For details, see the COVID statement page.

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Program Participation

Attending Programs at Arisia 2023

Arisia Programming consists of over 400 hours of panels and workshops each year. This requires a lot of talented individuals to brainstorm, organize, schedule, and participate - over 350 people on average.

If you would like to learn more about how to join the team as a Program Participant, you can read more about our participation process and fill out our Program Participation form. We typically consider applications received by July 15 for the coming year’s convention (e.g., forms received by July 15, 2022 will be considered for Arisia 2023).

Participation Benefits

When in-person, we compensate our talent in the following ways:

  • Memberships: If you are selected for three panels, you get a complimentary weekend membership. If you are selected for one or two panels, you get a complimentary day membership for each of the days your panels run, with the option to upgrade to a full weekend membership at a discounted rate.
  • Green Room: We take pride in our Green Room, which serves three meals daily and snacks throughout the convention. This hospitality suite is limited to Program, Event, and Gaming participants and Arisia Staff.

If you are selected as a panelist, we have a few handy guides to help you navigate our process. We use a custom scheduling tool -- Zambia -- which you can learn more about in our How to Use Zambia guide. Our How to be a good panelist and How to be a good moderator guides and, for music lovers, our Participatory music information guide, offer a bit more insight into the various roles program participants fill at Arisia.

As much as we would like to, we can’t guarantee panelist assignments. Even the most awesome and talented panelists may not get their most favored assignment due to a wide variety of variables.

At-Con Programming Assistance: Program Nexus

Programming is run from the Program Nexus, in the Executive Board Room on the Mezzanine.

In the Nexus there are staff available to help Program Participants solve last-minute issues, take sign-ups for workshops, and perform other Program-related administrative tasks. Track managers and senior Programming staff have office hours here throughout the convention. If you are a participant, after you pick up your badge at Registration, make sure to stop by the Nexus to pick up your participant packet!