Everyone attending Arisia'23 will have to be masked and fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including the bivalent booster, by January 3rd. For details, see the COVID statement page.

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   Arisia'23 is over. Please visit the new convention site:

Safer Spaces

Arisia offers spaces to help our diverse members feel more secure in their convention experiences. Our spaces include:

Gender-free restrooms

Arisia, in cooperation with the hotel, will again offer gender-free restrooms in addition to binary gendered restrooms. Everybody deserves to be welcome and everybody deserves to use a bathroom that aligns with their gender identity and where they can be safe. Gender-free restrooms are open to everyone regardless of gender identity. We request that you respect others' choice of restroom and refrain from making assumptions — what people look like or how they present is not always fully representative of their gender identity.

Gender-free restrooms are in two locations: On 3W next to Bulfinch, and on 2E outside Marina. 

The Westin also has a pair of single user Women/Men designated restrooms in Sauciety, just past the bar.

Safer Space for Arisians of Color

Building on the success of the People of Color meetups, this year we're pleased to offer a permanent space for Arisians of color to rest, unwind, and connect. The meetups provided a place for members of our community to meet each other and share stories and support. This space strives to provide the same thing over the duration of the convention, in addition to the more active engagement provided by the meetups.

For the safety and comfort of its users, the Safer Space for Arisians of Color will be staffed exclusively by volunteers who are people of color.

Quiet Room

Fluorescent lights, crowding, and the sheer amount of stimuli in our convention spaces can be challenging for many attendees. For the past several years, Arisia has had a Quiet Room, a quiet, low-light respite from the convention.