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Schedule, by Track - Arisia 2023

Arisia 2023 Schedule, by Area

Arisia 2023 Schedule, by Area

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Friday 10:00pm Art Show Reception

Arisia Corp & Convention

Saturday 10:00am Arisia 101: An Introduction
Saturday 11:30am Saturday Feedback Session
Saturday 2:30pm Arisia Programming and Brainstorming
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia January Corporate Meeting
Monday 11:30am Monday Feedback Session

Art & Maker

Saturday 1:00pm Director’s Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 2:30pm Descriptive Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 4:00pm Designing Things That Don’t Exist
Saturday 7:00pm Branching Out with Your Art
Saturday 7:00pm Art Show Open House for Fans with Disabilities
Sunday 10:00am Book Cover Art in the Age of the E-book
Sunday 11:30am Making Makers Make
Sunday 1:00pm Kid-Friendly Maker Projects
Sunday 5:30pm How Do You Price Your Art?


Saturday 10:00am 80+ Years of Super-Heroines
Saturday 1:00pm What to Read If You’re Watching the MCU
Saturday 2:30pm Gritty Comics Heroes and Socioeconomic Justice
Saturday 7:00pm Graphic Novels as Memoir
Saturday 8:30pm Superman and Religion
Saturday 10:00pm Comics After Dark/Late Night Sexy Comics (18+)
Sunday 1:00pm Creating Comics: From Idea to Finished Product
Sunday 2:30pm Murdock v Spencer: Lawyers in Comics/Superheroes and the Law
Monday 11:30am Image Comics at 30+: Now Unionized!


Friday 7:00pm Introduction to Kink (18+)
Friday 8:30pm Consent Beyond the Bedroom
Saturday 10:00am Connecting with Your Kids Through Media
Saturday 11:30am The Vilification and Fear of Fat Bodies
Saturday 11:30am Disinformation Self-Defense
Saturday 1:00pm Polyamory Basics
Saturday 1:00pm Sex-Positive Parenting
Saturday 4:00pm Age and Fandom: What It Looks Like After 50
Saturday 5:30pm Polyamory: Expectations vs. Reality
Saturday 8:30pm Gender & Sexual Identity Representation in Media
Sunday 10:00am Teaching Our Kids Consent
Sunday 11:30am Self-Care at Conventions
Sunday 11:30am Cancel Culture in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Spaces
Sunday 4:00pm Proper Pronouns Matter
Sunday 5:30pm Working Well With Your Neurodivergent Partners
Sunday 7:00pm Effective Advocacy for Geeks

Cosplay & Costuming

Saturday 1:00pm Ask an Expert: How Do I Do The Thing?
Saturday 2:30pm Cosplay on a Budget
Saturday 5:30pm My First Masquerade
Saturday 7:00pm Military Influence on Costuming
Sunday 2:30pm Cosplay and Dis/ability
Sunday 4:00pm Research for Making Costumes
Sunday 6:00pm Masquerade Green Room
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade

Fan Interest

Friday 5:30pm Avoiding Con Crash
Friday 7:00pm Whoever Dies With the Most Stuff is Dead (So, When’s the Estate Sale?)
Friday 10:00pm PMRP—Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever
Friday 11:59pm Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici...pation
Saturday 10:00am Finishing Your Half Finished Projects
Saturday 11:30am There’s No Replicating Real Home Cooking
Saturday 2:00pm Renaissance Ball
Saturday 4:00pm 60 Panels in 60 Minutes
Saturday 4:00pm Comfort Food TV: Arts and Crafts Shows
Saturday 7:00pm Myths and Legends of New England
Saturday 7:00pm PMRP presents Star Trek: Spock’s Brain
Saturday 8:30pm Our Favorite Robots
Saturday 9:30pm Geeky Belly Dance Show
Saturday 11:59pm Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling
Sunday 1:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
Sunday 10:00am How to Be New to an Old Fandom
Sunday 12:00pm Green Dragon Circus Acrobats
Sunday 4:00pm Museum Trip!
Sunday 5:30pm The Secret Life of the Renaissance Faire
Sunday 5:30pm Is ___ a Sandwich?
Sunday 8:30pm All the Technologypunks
Monday 10:00am Nerdy Vacation Planning
Monday 10:00am Splendid Teapot Race
Monday 11:30am Arisia RC Raceway

Fast Track

Friday 4:00pm Fast Track—Meet the Staff
Friday 5:00pm Free Play Friday
Saturday 10:00am What’s Eating You? Make Your Own Brain Slug
Saturday 10:30am Playground Games
Saturday 11:00am Who Said We Shouldn’t Play With Our Food?
Saturday 11:30am My First D&D Game
Saturday 12:00pm Engaging Your Senses Making A Sensory Bottle
Saturday 12:30pm Hand to Hand Wombat and Other Games
Saturday 1:00pm Project Cosplay: Kids Make Costumes
Saturday 1:30pm You’re A Poet, Even If You Don’t Know It
Saturday 2:30pm Making a Comic Book
Saturday 3:30pm Simple Rocketry
Saturday 4:00pm The Art of Painting
Saturday 4:30pm Beginner Body Art
Sunday 10:00am Let’s Rock Out
Sunday 10:30am Simple Robots
Sunday 11:00am Just a Little Ink & Alcohol Makes Art??
Sunday 11:30am Franken Stuffies
Sunday 12:00pm Ready, Set, Launch?
Sunday 12:30pm Play D&D Sunday Version
Sunday 1:00pm Project Cosplay—Crafting Props
Sunday 1:30pm Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar Wonder Were the Fairies Are
Sunday 2:30pm Fannish Bows
Sunday 3:00pm Eww, Gross! Make Your Own Slime
Sunday 3:30pm Time to Start Your Clay Dragon Clutch
Sunday 4:00pm Patience Pals
Sunday 4:30pm Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere
Monday 10:00am Jewelry for Non-Muggles
Monday 10:30am Friendship Bracelets
Monday 11:00am Let’s Bounce
Monday 11:30am A Bag to Take It Home In
Monday 12:00pm Making All Kinds Of Roses


Friday 8:00pm NERF Blaster War
Saturday 12:00pm NERF Blaster War
Saturday 2:30pm Designing an RPG Game Arc
Saturday 7:00pm Playing Together at Home
Sunday 11:30am Wide World of LARP
Sunday 4:00pm One and Done: The Art and Craft of the One-Shot
Sunday 7:00pm Watching the Game
Monday 10:00am Gaming As a Way of Exploring Identity
Monday 10:00am NERF War—Kids Edition
Monday 11:30am 30 Years of Magic: The Gathering and Collectible Card Games


Friday 2:00pm Dexterity Games
Friday 9:00pm Spirit of the Holiday (Clockwork Dominion)
Friday 11:59pm Midnight Cosmic Encounter
Saturday 8:30am Saturday Family Game Morning
Saturday 10:00am Dice Throne
Saturday 11:00am Munchkin
Saturday 6:00pm Magic: The Gathering Rainbow Cube
Saturday 7:00pm Illuminati
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Family Game Morning
Sunday 10:00am Star Trek Catan
Sunday 1:00pm Dune (Avalon Hill)
Sunday 4:00pm Hunger Fangs (Adventures in Time and Space)
Sunday 9:00pm Mysterium
Monday 10:00am Roborally
Monday 1:00pm Cosmic Encounter (Eon)


Friday 3:00pm Savage Worlds: Boomstick
Friday 4:00pm The Key to the Stars (D&D 5E)
Friday 4:00pm Fiasco
Friday 7:00pm SFS 5–01: Year of Redemption’s Rise
Friday 8:00pm Lord of the Rings Bounder Patrol Shire
Saturday 8:00am SFS Intro 1: The First Test
Saturday 10:00am Sinister Shopping Trip (Little Wizards)
Saturday 1:00pm SF Bounty 3: A Green Place
Saturday 1:00pm PFS Intro 2: United in Purpose
Saturday 3:00pm SF Bounty 4: Poacher’s Prize
Saturday 5:00pm Untarnished and Unafraid
Saturday 7:00pm SFS 5–01: Year of Redemption’s Rise B
Saturday 7:00pm SF Bounty 5: Echoes of Woe
Saturday 9:00pm SF Bounty 1: The Cantina Job
Saturday 9:00pm The Looming Shadow (Dread)
Sunday 11:00am Academy of Adolescent Monsters
Sunday 1:00pm SFS 5–06: Tarnished Legascy: Historia’s Holdout
Sunday 1:00pm PF Bounty 7: Cleanup Duty
Sunday 1:00pm Sex and the City on the Edge of Forever
Sunday 2:00pm The Dragon’s Den
Sunday 3:00pm PF Bounty 8: The Tireless Path
Sunday 6:00pm Savage Worlds: Legion of Liberty
Sunday 7:00pm PF Bounty 9: Fishing in Arthrusis
Sunday 9:00pm PF Bounty 10: Hilltop Roundup

Guests of Honor

Saturday 11:30am Andrea Hairston Reading
Saturday 12:15pm Andrea Hairston Signing
Saturday 7:00pm Tales From the Crippled: A Disability-Focused Snark Fest (18+)
Sunday 10:00am Elsa Sjunneson Reading
Sunday 11:30am Elsa Sjunneson Signing
Sunday 2:30pm Reiko Murakami Tour of the Art Show


Friday 5:30pm Expression and Oppression in the SFF Universe
Friday 8:30pm Revisionist Folk and Fairy Tales
Saturday 10:00am Representing Trauma in Speculative Fiction
Saturday 2:30pm Scientists, Mathematicians, and Engineers in SFF
Saturday 4:00pm Overt and Covert Antagonists: Who’s More Evil?
Saturday 7:00pm Future Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Sunday 10:00am SFF for Middle-Grade Readers
Sunday 11:30am Plagues in Fantasy and Science Fiction
Sunday 1:00pm How Much “Alien” Is Too Much?
Sunday 2:30pm Gods Walk Among Us
Sunday 7:00pm Tinkers, Sailors, and Traveling Players
Monday 10:00am Grunts and Ground-Pounders: The Private’s Eye View in Military SF
Monday 11:30am Leaders and Heroes: What’s the Difference?

Martial Arts

Saturday 10:00am Fighting with Swords!—Duels!
Saturday 12:00pm Historical Fencing Demonstration/Bâton Class
Saturday 6:00pm Open Fencing
Sunday 10:00am Teen Sword Fighting
Sunday 1:30pm Fighting with Swords!—Mixed Weapons Shenanigans!


Friday 8:30pm Everything Everywhere All at Once: Grab Your Googly Eyes!
Saturday 10:00am What’s Old is New Again: Legacy Sequels
Saturday 11:30am TV Year in Review
Saturday 2:30pm Movie Year in Review
Saturday 2:30pm How Toxic Fandom Took Over Everything
Saturday 5:30pm Star Trek Renaissance: A Look Back at NuTrek
Saturday 7:00pm Enter Sandman: Neil Gaiman Comes to Netflix
Sunday 10:00am Our Flag Means Love
Sunday 11:30am Wakanda Forever
Sunday 1:00pm Media In Memoriam 2021–2022
Sunday 1:00pm A Beginner’s Guide to Gundam
Sunday 4:00pm D23: 100 Years of Disney
Sunday 5:30pm A New Doctor Who Era Begins
Sunday 7:00pm The MCU Phase 4: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Sunday 8:30pm The Year in Star Wars


Friday 5:30pm Shabbat Services
Friday 7:00pm Arisia First Night Social
Friday 10:00pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Show & Tell (18+)
Saturday 10:00am Northern Lights Costumers Guild Meeting
Saturday 11:30am Boston Whovians Doctor Who Meet Up
Saturday 1:00pm POC Meetup
Saturday 2:30pm Ribbon Trading Meetup
Saturday 4:00pm Comics Creator Meetup: Find A Collaborator!
Saturday 5:30pm ADHD skill-share and meetup
Saturday 7:00pm Neurodivergent Meetup
Saturday 8:30pm Fans with Disabilities Meetup
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Christian Services
Sunday 10:00am Artist Meet and Greet
Sunday 11:30am Speculative Fiction Writers Cafe
Sunday 1:00pm Steampunk Meetup
Sunday 2:30pm Cosplay Swap Meet
Sunday 4:00pm Recovery Check-In
Sunday 5:30pm Techies of Arisia Meetup
Sunday 7:00pm Polyamory Meetup
Sunday 8:30pm Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space
Sunday 10:00pm The Arisia Munch (18+)
Monday 10:00am Meet Your Eorzean Neighbors!: A FFXIV Meetup
Monday 11:30am Asexuality-Umbrella Meetup


Friday 8:30pm Sing-along: Songs of Tom Lehrer
Friday 10:00pm Open Singing—Fri 10:00 PM
Saturday 10:00am Sing-along: Disney Songs
Saturday 2:30pm Songs of World and Place
Saturday 4:00pm Sing-along: Dr. Demento & Friends
Saturday 5:30pm Sing To Your Friends
Saturday 9:00pm DJ Dirge—Saturday Night Dance
Saturday 10:00pm Open Singing—Sat 10:00 PM
Sunday 10:00am Sing-along: Gilbert and Sullivan Songs
Sunday 11:30am Good Story Songs
Sunday 1:00pm Songs of Technology
Sunday 4:00pm Sing-along: Yiddish Songs
Sunday 7:00pm Humorous Songs
Sunday 8:30pm Songs that Set Poetry to Music
Sunday 10:00pm Open Singing—Sun 10:00 PM
Monday 10:00am Songs of Protest and Resistance
Monday 11:30am Dead Dog Open Filk


Friday 7:00pm Friday Evening Readings
Saturday 11:30am Saturday Morning Readings
Saturday 2:30pm Saturday Afternoon Readings
Saturday 5:30pm Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Saturday 8:30pm Saturday Night Readings
Sunday 11:30am Sunday Morning Readings
Sunday 2:30pm Sunday Afternoon Readings
Sunday 5:30pm Sunday Evening Readings
Monday 10:00am Monday Morning Readings


Friday 8:30pm Open Crafting Friday
Saturday 1:00pm Knitting Circle
Saturday 5:30pm Nerf Range
Sunday 10:00am Papercrafting
Sunday 11:30am Fiber Arts Circle
Sunday 5:30pm Open Crafting Sunday
Monday 10:00am Social Games


Friday 7:00pm When Science Fiction was Science Factual
Friday 8:30pm Our Favorite Fictional Scientists
Saturday 1:00pm Deep Language Models: Are They AI or Not?
Saturday 5:30pm The James Webb Space Telescope
Sunday 10:00am What’s so Amazing that Keeps Us Stargazing
Sunday 1:00pm The Year in Science 2022
Sunday 5:30pm How We Know: Dinosaurs
Monday 10:00am A Century Ago


Friday 8:30pm Gentlemen Never Tell (Mrs Hawking)
Saturday 10:00pm Mrs. Hawking – Part 1
Sunday 8:30pm Vivat Regina – Part 2 of Mrs. Hawking


Saturday 10:00am Decorate a Mini-Hat/Fascinator
Saturday 11:30am Writing as a Military Veteran (18+)
Saturday 2:30pm Kumihimo Workshop
Saturday 4:00pm Book Upcycling
Saturday 4:00pm (Re)Design for Variant Cosplay
Saturday 7:00pm Writing Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Sunday 10:00am Jewelry Making: Wire and Bead Creations
Sunday 1:00pm Bling It On!
Sunday 1:00pm Hands-on (or Hands-off) Theremin Workshop
Sunday 2:30pm Blockprinting
Sunday 4:00pm Making it Fit: Techniques for Body Neutral Cosplay
Sunday 5:30pm Soldering 101
Sunday 7:00pm Improv for DMs/GMs and their players


Friday 7:00pm Creeping Sense of Doom
Friday 8:30pm Dungeons, Dragons, and Writers: A Live Event
Saturday 10:00am Identifying Markets For Your Work
Saturday 11:30am Crafting Memorable Villains
Saturday 4:00pm The Mushy Middle: Conquering the Midpoint Swamp
Saturday 5:30pm Shop Talk: So You Want to Be A Writer?
Saturday 8:30pm All Words Are Made Up
Sunday 1:00pm Creating Authentic Characters with Disabilities
Sunday 2:30pm Dialogue That Sings
Sunday 4:00pm The Question of Influences
Sunday 5:30pm World Building 101
Sunday 7:00pm Plural Perspectives
Sunday 7:00pm Writing Series, Sequels, and Spin-Offs